Modus Operandi                 
First off I go check the weather sites to see what's brewing;
MAVERICKS WEATHER #2 #3  by now I have enough but there are still,
#4, #5

Then to see it in Isobars, which give a very clear outline of the barometric lines;
PACIFIC ISOBAR CHARTS where I click on full Pacific to see how
it's backed up and what exactly the layout is,and then on the second row under that,
24 hour , 48 hour , 96 hour surface forcast; from left to right
They give a remarkably interpretable view of future weather and wind likelihood/direction.

#2  ( a remarkable WEEK in ADVANCE ) This is useful because the high surf is directly under the low pressure systems, so, high swell projection is actually low pressure/nasty weather
#3,  #4

Perhaps a quick check of,

ANIM. W.COAST SATELLITE  scroll down and hit the
16km  that's often enough but if I want another view point I have
#2,  #3

ANIM. PAC. SATELLITE  click on Animate, then Medium, then Latest

For Rain of course,  ANIM. CAL. RAIN
#3 ( Best close up )
#4 ( Whole country; click your spot )

Most of these links have further weather tools of course and they are also interactive to your spot