I began my watery adventures in earnest while I was still in high school
                                       except that we were a bus trip from the surf.
   Whenever I went surfing, I had to catch P.T. and just couldn't get a surfboard to the beach that way; the public transportation system was not and still isn't accommodating enough to allow boards on the bus.
   Especially since in those days they were huge !!
   So I built my first handboard. It was a nasty little sucker; built with a minimum of tools and effected with my unprofesssional woodworking skills.
I could carry it in my school bag, put it in my locker, and head for the beach right after last bell. Crude as it was;- it DID kick SERIOUS wave butt, and it allowed me to go to places no other bodysurfer  could.
   On a 15 foot face, with a mere kick of a flipper or two I could jettison myself into a near airborne state and scream down and back all over that wave with my body completely out of the water down to my knees.
   I've made several improvements to my design since then; repositioning the fins, lengthening the steering fin, elongating the tracking fins, and tuning up the handling to it's best balance and responsiveness.
   The new units will be molded as a one piece glass and resin composite, with embedded stainless steel fasteners installed during the casting process.

                  And now for your pleasure, the sophisticated model of the tried and true,
                                                               Mako Mitt
                                  ( Somewhere Between Fins and Teeth )